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At the bus station saying goodbye to Hermana Robison and the other missionaries from the Loja zone being changed.

Hermana Robison, Hermana Chamberlain and the hermanas' best friend in Loja, Maria Jesus.

Ellen's new companion, Hermana Robison

 Mountain climbing with other missionaries in Loja.
Hermanas Bravo and Chamberlain with Jeffrey at his baptism.  How about that green water?

Hermanas Chamberlain, Castillo and Glanzer at zone conference a few months back.
Attacking Hermana Bravo with guaba.  See blog post from January 10 for an explanation of how Ellen came by the guaba.
Thanks to Hermana Wise, who just returned home and put a bunch of Cuenca pictures up on facebook, we now have lots more pictures of Ellen and the other sister missionaries in Ecuador.
 Hermanas Chamberlain and Wise, with Castillo peeking through.
 Ellen must really be cold!
 Hermanas Wise, Aguilar, Castillo and Chamberlain
Hermanas Wise, Chamberlain, Barker, Castillo, Foster and Laime, I think.  Ellen, help me out.
 Hermana Wise showing what the missionaries in Ecuador are up against and what Nurse Ellen gets to deal with.
 The roaches here are on the large side.
Our bike ride in Vilcabamba.

My Loja district.

This is Cuenca . . . incredible, huh?
The Andes Mountains.  The sky always looks like this, except when it rains, obviously.
If pigs can fly, why can't I?

We painted Catalina's house right before I left Guayaquil.  (Editor's note:  Perhaps she had to leave Guayaquil because she painted her name on the side of Catalina's house.  Just a thought.)

That's right.  We've got our own wall!
The reunion of Las Chicas Superpoderosas!  (AKA, The Powerpuff Girls!)   From left to right:  Bellota (Buttercup), Bon Bon (Blossom), and Burbuja (Bubbles).  Taken when we went to Guayaquil to get Hermana Castilla's visa renewed.

Hermanas Chamberlain and Castillo with Leonel at his baptism.  He doesn't look happy, but he really was excited to be baptized.
Hermanas Castillo, Wise and Chamberlain at Gothy's baptism.
Hermanas Wise, Chamberlain and Castillo with Katty and her family at her baptism.
Our disastrous attempt at making popcorn.  Oil is a necessity!
This is the kitchen.  The whole house was filled with smoke.  We had to sleep with the windows open.
 Hermana Castillo found out what happens when you pay more attention to the cute puppy on the side of the road than to where you are going!

Good thing she has an RN for a companion!

Celebrating my birthday with Hermanas Wise and Castillo in Cuenca, Ecuador.  Apparently this is how they do it here and also in Panama.  See below.

Loja, Ecuador from when I spent a couple of days here in October.  It's pretty, but not quite as nice as Cuenca.
The sign says, "Keep the door closed.  Think of the children."  I thought that was really funny.

This is an old picture from when Ellen was still in Guayaquil.  It was taken at zone conference when Elder Pino of the Seventy came.

The office elders, Guerrero,Coba, Garcia, Thayne, Sandberg and Elder Mendez.  Ellen says they do this all the time!

Omar's baptism-Ellen, Omar and Hermana Foster

That bull actually has a ring in his nose!  I bet he didn't like that going in!
Happy Birthday to me!
It's a little cold here!

The office district:  Hermanas Chamberlain, Castillo, Foster, and Laime and Elders Coba, Garcia, Thayne, Guerrero, Sandberg and Mendez.

Omar's baptism.  
Ready to do service at the temple.
Ellen's house in Bolivar I and yes, I think the kitchen is kind of scary looking, though the study is really nice.
Ellen with Hermana Glanzer, probably the two tallest women in Ecuador!

The Garcia Moreno Stake going away party for President and Sister Johns

Hermanas Lopez, Chamberlain, Glanzer and Montenegro
Typical street in Guayaquil after it rains

President and Sister Johns and President and Sister Montalti

At the zoo in Guayaquil

The Pinos are baptized.

The Pinos on their wedding day with Ellen, Hermana Moran and Hermana Lopez 

The La Pradera-Huancavilca Zone
The Huancavilca District

Ellen with Hermanas Laime and Lopez.  They're sad because the electricity goes out in Guayaquil twice a day and they can't leave their apartment and teach when it is out.

Sometimes I am just too tired to stay awake!

In front of the Guayaquil Temple

Some of the elders from our district.

My MTC zone at the Provo Temple

The sisters in my room--Hermanas Damm, Yoshino, and Mount

My MTC district at the Provo Temple

My MTC besties!

Teaching Hermana Yoshino

Hermana Mount and Ellen.  MTC companions.

 She's a missionary now!
The night before the MTC

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