Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Weirdest Things Happen Here

Hola Familia!!!
Maria and Nayely are being baptized TODAY!!!!  YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!  We´re going at 6 with the Familia Mendez to be there early so we can take pictures (not that baptisms ever start on time here, but that´s a whole other subject.)  They were going to be baptized next Saturday but the elders told them that they were ready so they didn´t need to wait.  This is partly because they hang out with Fam. Mendez all the time, so we´ve taught them like half the lessons.  Anyway, we are super excited, even thought we found out that the chapel isn´t really too far into Guasmo, so we don´t get to see it.  It´s okay.  We´ll find a way. 
Anyway, this week´s been sooooooo good!!!  (Teen Girl Squad, anyone??)  We´ve taught a bunch of people, put a baptismal date on Erika, convinced Jorge that it´s okay for him to receive the priesthood and baptize her even though he´s got a very strong character (we left him D&C 121 to read, haha) and we´ve found some new people who are very good.  One of them we just knocked on her door yesterday, and she let us in and told us to come back on Monday so that she could hear more!!  We have been teaching YoConda, Jorge´s niece, and she´s so good.  Her circumstances just break my heart-her boyfriend´s in rehab for cocaine, she has a little 2 year old daughter with him, and she lives with her boyfriend´s mom, who is (mom-don´t freak out, we don´t teach YoConda in her house so we´ve never met her BF´s mom) a prostitute.  But she´s very very receptive, and we know that she believes that the Book of Mormon´s true, but she has doubts about the whole baptism with authority thing.  That´s one of the most common questions here-people think they´re good because they´ve already been baptized but you can´t just be baptized by anyone!!!  Even Jesus Christ looked for John the Baptist because why???  HE HAD THE AUTHORITY.  But we´re working with her and she´s going to get baptized too, I just know it.  It´s just been a sweet week, and the baptism at the end just makes it even better.  So what could possibly go wrong??  Well, we woke up this morning and there was no running water in the house.  That means, no shower, no toilet, no washing dishes, no nothing!!!  And no filling up baptismal fonts!!  Fortunately all the chapels have reserve water, but the other hermanas in our ward have a baptism today so they were a little worried.  And this no water thing is supposedly all of Guayaquil, so we called the elders in Guasmo and told them to go fill up the font while they were still sure that they had water, just in case it went out later.  We fortunately have a little faucet outside that always has water, so I filled up one of our pots with it and had a sponge bath, more or less. 
What else.  Eduardo still wants to be baptized but he wants to wait till he turns 18, which would be next change.  I was a little bummed but then I was like, you know what??  If that´s what he wants, I´m okay with it.  The point is that he gets baptized, right??  Even though his family will have to wait longer to be sealed now, I guess it´s still okay.  We´re bringing our zone leaders to a lesson with him so that he can meet elders-he´s never seen them up close before (okay I know I just made them sound like wild animals or something, haha.)  His family really wants him to get baptized because they want him to change-in other words, they want him to stop acting like he´s 17.  I feel like he´s pretty much the same as every other 17 year old I´ve met-fights with his mom sometimes, thinks his parents don´t know anything, would rather be with his friends than his family.  I was like that too when I was 17, I just want to tell them all that it´s NORMAL and that he´ll eventually grow out of it and realize that they really do know what they´re talking about.  But everything will be fine.  And baptism and having the Spirit with him will help him out a lot.
Uhhh, what else.  I got my hair cut today for the first time ever in Ecuador, so I don´t have a horse´s mane now.  It´s a lot shorter though, a little shorter than I actually wanted but it´s still pretty.  We had a weird experience in a department store today, this guy came up to us and started talking to us about how he writes these pamphlets about following Christ and gives them out to people.  We asked him if he´d ever met with missionaries and he said yes, so we asked him if he´d ever read the Book of Mormon and he was like, no, I´m good with just the Bible, that´s all I need.  The BOM is confusing, the bible´s very clear.  We were like . . . wow, if you think the BOM´s confusing, obviously you haven´t read it!!  So we just said thank you and we went up the stairs.  Well then, we turned around and he had come up behind us and was holding something in his hands and he goes, Hermanas, I paint!!  So he´s showing us these thing´s that he´s painted and we´re like, oh those are pretty, so then he goes, which one do you want??  HNA Foster´s like I don´t want to buy one!!  and he goes, no no, I want to give them to you!!!  And he did!!!  After I left I looked at HNA Foster and I said, this has just been the weirdest day!!!  Very random!!!!!  I´m not kidding, the WEIRDEST things happen to us here.  Seriously.
Well, I think that´s about it!!  Love to everyone and be good and read your scriptures!!! 
Hermana Chamberlain

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