Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saved By The Book of Mormon

Well, we didn´t get robbed this week!!! YAAAAAAY!!!! I´m slowly being okay with being out in the sector again, although I still jump at small movements and am suspicious of all men who are walking alone, in small groups or look like they´re running away from something. I´ve replaced my scriptures, hymnbook and planner and found a camera that I want to buy, although mom I think it would be better if you sent me a memory card from the states because they´re ridiculously expensive here. But other than that I´m good. No more nightmares, and I´m slowly getting to be okay. You guys don´t need to worry about me, I´m not going crazy or going to lock myself in the house for the rest of my life. Anyway, this week was pretty good, although we´ve found out that president wants us to be in the office everyday now in the mornings, although it´s fine because no one is really there in the mornings anyway!! So we´ll be in the office a little more frequently but I think it´ll still all work out. Plus next week the sisters and us are going to do some interchanges. I´ll be working with HNA Castillo in the other half of the ward limits and HNA Laime will go to our sector with HNA Foster. For those of you who suspect that this is to help me get over my PTSD by getting me into the more tranquilo part of the ward, you´re right!!! Partly. It´s true that I need a break from our sector, but also it´s pretty likely that next change President will put both the sectors together, so HNA Barker and I will have the whole ward to proselyte. Well I know absolutely nothing about the other half of the ward, which is bad because most of the members live over there!!! So I´ll be working with HNA Castillo for a few days and getting to know all the members and all their investigators and converts and all that, so if we do have the whole sector, I´ll at least have some idea of what I`´m doing. I´m very excited because I´ve been wanting to get to know the other members for awhile now bc I felt like I didn´t know anyone and this is my 3rd change here, but now I´ll be able to meet and get to know all of them, which will help us a lot in the work. Plus HNA Castillo is a lot of fun and it´s been awhile since I´ve had a native companion and I miss it!!! My Spanish has taken a hit for sure!!!

Well what else happened this week. We found Yoconda again!!! She´s living over here with her ¨husband¨again, and her little girl. Her husband is actually working in a restaurant and she´s helping him out, so at least he´s being a productive member of society even if he did leave rehab before he was supposed to. We´re going to try to get over there and visit them all within the next few weeks. Catalina didn´t come to church last week because she had to go out of town on an emergency (talk about opposition!!!) but she promised us that she would come tomorrow, and we´re going to try to take her to a ward activity tonight if we can. But if she doesn´t start coming again we´re gonna have to leave her one more time, so I hope she just comes. We found two little girls almost by miracle last week. We had taught their family before and when we came back they were there but no one else was so we couldn´t go in. Well turns out they´re friends of Yuri, who´s getting baptized in two weeks, and they came over and wanted to listen to us. So we asked them if they wanted to come on another lesson where we were going to go to someone´s house and watch a video. They said yes, so last night we went to go get them and asked their sister if it was okay for them to go with us. She was like, oh yeah, I already told them they could go, they´re getting ready right now. WHAT??? Sweet!!! So we put baptismal dates on them that night for 7 of august. There´s a long way to go but we´ll get them there!!! Yuri, by the way, is still fantastic. She´s so excited to be baptized it´s unreal. Everytime we go over there she latches on to my waist when we get ready to leave and refuses to let go. It´s really funny. I guess she really looks up to me, pun intended!!!

Hmmm, what else. OHHHHH. Okay so this is like the coolest story ever. So there´s a member family that lives in our sector, the Bravo family. Romina is one of the daughters, she´s 18 and super cool and comes out with us all the time. She came with us to visit her neighbors one night and a few nights later she went over there again with her dad to pay their garage bill. The mom motioned her over, gave her the book of mormon that we´d given them and said that her husband didn´t want anything to do with it and they´re catholic and blah blah blah. So Romina went back to her house with the BOM still in her hand. She went through the gate in front of their house first and was walking back to the house when she heard someone shouting. She turned around and saw her dad standing outside the gate and another man pointing a gun at him demanding that he give him all his money, his watch, his cell phone, everything. Romina´s dad was telling him he didn´t have anything, so then the robber saw Romina, pointed the gun at her and told her to give him everything she had. She held up her hands, book of mormon still in one, and was like I don´t have anything!!! When the robber saw the book of mormon he said, wait . . . . you guys are hermanitos??? (thats what the robbers call people who belong to religions) Hermano Bravo said yes we are, and the robber was like, okay okay, just keep your dog back so I don´t shoot him, chao!! and left!!!! Just because he saw the book of mormon!!!! Is that not the coolest story ever?? The BOM saves lives, literally. (but just so you all know, this is supposed to be one of the safest parts of the sector, where Fam Bravo lives. So I´m pretty sure they´ll be closing the sector down next change. It´s just getting worse and worse!!)

So mom wanted to know what else has happened that I haven´t told her about. I´m sure you all want to know too and I´m sure that nothing I say will surprise you so I´ll just give you the quick rundown and then I´ll go into more detail next week because we´re on a tight schedule. A bomb went off in our sector 5 blocks from where we were, the fam. Criollo lives in between two gangs of robbers, 3 of which were dragged out of their house by the swat team the week after the bomb went off because they were the ones that apparently set it off, someone got robbed right in front of Fam. Mendez´s house right before we showed up, a bus got robbed right outside of HNA Jacklin´s house while we were there, we saw a robber running away from a bus that he had just held up with a woman screaming ladron ladron!!! after him out the bus window, (ladron is robber in spanish), we used to pass a group of prostitutes everyday but now we don´t go visit that person anymore, and the majority of our sector is too dangerous to visit. I´m sure I´ll think of more things or that more things will happen as the week goes on but that´s just a small taste of what´s gone down since I´ve been here in this ward. Very different from Huancavilca but more people get baptized here so I´m not complaining. Not too much. :)

Well, time to go!!! Back to babylon again (that´s what we´ve renamed our sector.) Love you all, be good and do everything you should be doing!!!


Hermana Chamberlain

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