Monday, January 25, 2010


So I had this super long awesome email typed out and it was really fantastic and then MY SESSION TIMED OUT AND I LOST THE WHOLE THING. So now I can only write a short message. Quick review of the week: Marcos was baptized and confirmed although he couldn´t find a taxi and we thought he wasn´t going to show up but he did and we had a baptism.  Hna. L√≥pez got really sick and we totally thought she had dengue but it turned out to be pharyngitis. But she had to miss Marcos´ baptism and was not very happy about that. We are still teaching Carolina and we think that this time she´s finally going to read the BOM, for real. I had a really good time at the zoo last week and there´s some sweet pictures, but I don´t have time to upload them so you´ll have to wait.  I have a ton of funny/gross stories from this week but don´t have time to rewrite so you´ll have to wait for those too. Way excited about the Colts in the Superbowl, totally forgot that the Olympics even exist, and can´t believe that Dad cracked and is buying a big screen. Cable is coming, you mark my words. Can´t believe also that we´re getting a drum set, who´s going to teach them to play it?? If box 3 was the one with all the wedding announcements then yes I got it, but if not then no.  (Sidenote: I can´t believe Jake Gerber is married. I totally thought we were going to get married. Jk.) The story about dad and facebook cracked me up. I wouldn´t want most of the people from my high school to find me either. They were all dumb. Craig, good luck with Fraze Tater Day, I´m sure it will go down in Carroll High School history.  Sorry I can´t write more. Next week will be long, I promise!!

Mucho Amor!! Hermana Chamberlain

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