Monday, January 18, 2010

EVERYONE Came to Church This Week!!!!!


Guess who had a CHEVERE VACAN CHAMPU week this week!! Gold stars for everyone who guessed Hermana Chamberlain!! First of all, we taught a ton of awesome lessons. I feel the Spirit way strong every time we teach, it´s ridiculous. We found a new family, Carolina and Blanca, and Carolina committed to be baptized in February!! YAY!! And it was my first time asking the baptism committment question!! Plus, we brought Marcos to a baptism on Saturday and he came to church on Sunday, and he´s so excited about his baptism that we moved it up and he´s getting baptized this weekend on Saturday!!! WOOOO!!! So now I´m totally scared that something terrible will happen and it won´t happen. But I´m trying not to be so paranoid. I think that paranoia is something that comes with being a missionary, but I´m trying to get over it.

So now I need to tell you the story of Marcos b-c it´s super awesome. So Marcos had been listening to the missionaries before he found us, but according to his teaching record, he hadn´t been keeping his committments and so they had to drop him. BUT, all this time that he hasn´t had missionaries, he´s been reading the Book of Mormon. And before this he had been drinking a lot and smoking and doing all this bad stuff but since he had been reading the BOM he had stopped doing all that stuff. SO he pretty much converted himself and he´s getting baptized and yesterday we took him to Gospel Principles and he was totally answering all the questions. Basically he´s awesome and I wish all of our investigators could be just like Marcos!!!

Anyway. Also, ALL OF OUR INVESTIGATORS CAME TO CHURCH THIS WEEK!!!! Rolando, Marcos, Junior, Jorge, and Fam. Pino. And Katie, I totally used your thing on Junior and Jorge, bc they had all these questions about church and the priesthood and we were like, why don´t you just come with us?? And they started making all the normal excuses and we were trying to convince them and finally I was like, you know what?? If you come to church, Heavenly Father is going to give you a lot of blessings, but if you don´t he´s not. Because He´s loving but He´s also just, and if you don´t come to church he can´t do anything for you." So when we came back, they came right out to the chapel with us. Yeah. That´s what I thought.

Another funny story about Marcos. So the deal last week when we didn´t go to church is that he had stepped out just for a minute to help a friend make a monograph, and when he got back we had already come and gone. Anyway the Spanish word for monograph is monografia, which sounds a lot like the Spanish word for pornography, which is pornografia, so I thought he was telling us that he had issues with pornography and I freaked out a little. But Hna. Lopez cleared it up and then we had a good laugh over it. Marcos doesn´t have problems with anything, bc he´s awesome.

So this email is probs going to be relatively short bc we´re going to the ZOO today!! But it´s time for the things that only happen in Ecuador. Last night I found a cockroach in the sink, which would be gross in the States but here in Ecuador we have cockroaches that are as big as our thumbs!! YAY!! NO. It was scary and really gross. And we also learned that when you don´t put pineapple in the fridge, it goes bad really fast and smells really gross. And gets fruit flies. Ewwww. And we found another bakery by our house that makes really good budin. Like it´s seriously amazing. And we bought another cake and it was really good, but it had strawberries on top of it and we had to throw them away. And I got my first round of Montezuma´s Revenge here and that´s all I´m going to say about that. It was pretty gnarly.

So I´m doing good!! Life is good. The people here are awesome. The food is awesome. We´re doing great things and eating a lot of bread. Sorry this email is so short but I´m hungry and Hnas. Glanzer and Montenegro really want to go to the zoo. So, chao chao until next week!!


Hermana Chamberlain

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