Monday, February 15, 2010

Seeking News From Purdueland!

CHUSO!! I am so angry right now. I had this super long email typed out and then the COMPUTER FROZE. So I lost my nice long email and have to start over. So, here we go!!

First of all, another change has come and gone and I am still in Huancavilca with Hnas. López and Morán. Although I thought I was going to the office this change because Elder Irwin played a dirty rotten joke on me last night. He called to tell us if we had changes and I answered the phone. He said, hermana are you waiting for changes?? I said, well we´re not going to have changes, so we can just end this conversation right now. He was like, oh really?? Well sister if you have that much faith, you can just hang up the phone right now. So I did. Haha. Well he called back after about 5 minutes, I picked up and said ahhh Elder I had so much faith!! He said well I´m sorry but I´m calling with the truth, can I talk to Sister López please?? So she talked to him, came back and said that I had to go to the office and be the nurse this change. I was way bummed out bc I didn´t want to leave Huancavilca yet and I also didn´t want to pack!! Fortunately Hna. López could only keep it up for about 10 minutes before she started laughing and saying that Elder Irwin had told her that she had to keep the joke up for the whole night, so that I would have packed and not slept well and everything, but she just couldn´t. Elder Irwin, therefore, is in big trouble, and if anyone has any ideas on how to get him back, digame!!

So we had a small miracle this week, Mario came to church!! Mario is an 18 year old communist revolutionary (you know the type) that we´re kind of teaching. Kind of because it´s tough to teach him, he has a lot of questions and can be kind of obnoxious. But he went to church for crying out loud!! I almost couldn´t believe it even when we were sitting there in sacrament meeting. Insane. Please pray for Mario bc I know he´s going to come around but it´s going to take awhile. And Hna. Balarezo and her kids came again too, which always makes me happy.

We found a lot of new people to teach this week, including a few families!! We were teaching one of them yesterday and I had a weird experience. After the opening prayer I couldn´t remember ANYTHING about the lesson!! My mind was blank!! And when it was my turn to talk, my Spanish was TERRIBLE!! It hasn´t been that bad since my first change!! So I stopped talking really quick and Hna. Morán started teaching about the apostacy and I was freaking out bc I KNEW that I was going to have to teach about Joseph Smith and that´s the most important part for heaven´s sake!! Well I was praying hard and and when it was time for me to talk, it was fine!! And the hermano was looking at me the whole time and listening hard and nodding his head!! Cool!! Usually when we talk about Joseph Smith people argue!! He was totally agreeing!! I can´t wait to see what happens with them. Also, I made a contact for the first time yesterday!! As in, I asked someone when we could come visit them!! It was so amazing. I´m not sure if we can visit them or not bc he was kind of weird and said he had to ask his wife, but who knows. The point is that I talked to someone.

Anyway, I don´t have a ton of time left, so I´m just going to comment on all the stuff that´s happening at home and be done. Kylie, I´m so excited about your baby and I can´t believe Daniel got hit by a car. That´s really funny, but only because he´s not seriously hurt. I laughed my head off at the Primary stories. I really miss those kids!! Was Sister Braun serious about Craig´s self confidence?? I hope not. And someone from the Purdue ward needs to tell me what´s going on there. I haven´t heard from any of you for months!!! Literally months!! Who´s engaged, who eloped, who´s going on a mission, where are they going, who´s dating, what´s the drama, I must know it all!! I was looking at the pictures that my mom sent me this morning and I came to that one where we´re all wearing those glow glasses, and then the one where we´re wearing the fake mustaches and Curt´s got a bike helmet on his head and a baseball bat in his hand and I just laughed and laughed. We are so weird. But awesome. Also, CURT´S ENGAGED???? WHAT??? He didn´t even have a girlfriend when I left??? Who´s Vanessa Cramer??? Why doesn´t anyone tell me ANYTHING??? SERIOUSLY. I need some news from Purdue, POR FAVOR.

Bueno. It´s time for me to go. I have to go find something cute to wear to Fam. Pino´s wedding, because anyone who saw the clothes that I brought on my mission knows that I don´t have anything good for a wedding. So like always, be good and read your scriptures and be nice to the missionaries and feed them well, but don´t give them a ton of rice. Funny story, we bought a measuring cup that we give to the mamitas now. I think we´re all going to lose a lot of weight. Chao chao!!!

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