Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dancing Clowns, Road Rage and Killer Taxis--Just Another Week in Ecuador


Excellent week this week!! We FINALLY found Eduardo and he FINALLY accepted a baptismal date for 29 May!!!! YAAAAAAY!!!! And we were gonna go make tacos at his house tonight, but his mom´s not there so we can´t go. BUT, they were going to go to Milagro this weekend but now they´ve decided not to. So he´ll be in church tomorrow!!!! YAAAAAAAY!!! I just love it when people do what they´re supposed to be doing. It just makes life so much easier. Plus it makes the Savior happy. That´s the best part of all.

So changes are tomorrow, and even though we´re not supposed to know anything about them (all the other office elders know, but they won´t tell us) we always know because Elder Thayne leaves them out on his desk for the whole world to see. So we found out what´s going down with all the hermanas last night and GUESS WHAT??? Hermana Montenegro is leaving to go back to Loja where she started the mission (she´s been in this sector for almost 8 months now) and one of my first companions, Hermana Laime, is coming here to be Hna. Castillo´s companion!! She´ll be in our same ward and everything. I´m way excited but Hna. Foster is even more excited than I am because she trained Hna. Laime and hasn´t seen her since she left Huancavilca. So yeah, this is pretty awesome. I´m super sad that Hna. Montenegro is leaving but I´m way excited that Hna. Laime is coming here!! That´ll be so sweet!!!

So even though we´ve been having a good week, we are a little bit sad because we´ve had to change all of the baptism dates for this change. Jorge and Lourdes are really excited to be baptized, so excited that they want to make it a huge deal and have their whole family there and have a party afterwards, which means that they don´t want to get baptized this saturday because no one can come. But you know what?? I think it´s great that they´re making such a big deal about it because it´s a very big deal!!! So I´m cool with that. Catalina and Esther still have this thing with the fear of what everyone´s going to say when they don´t participate in the Catholic stuff at their school, plus one of the priests that works there came up to Catalina (her of ALL the people that were there) and said, There´s a lot of people leaving the Catholic church and getting baptized into other churches, but I don´t understand why they´re getting baptized again when they´ve already been baptized. We were like OHHH MY GOSH. How many times have we explained this to you??? So we read this awesome scripture in D&C that says it doesn´t matter if you get baptized a hundred times, if you don´t do it the way God wants you to, it doesn´t count!!! We´ll be working with them a lot more, but they will be baptized. I just know it.

So yesterday we had a really weird afternoon. We had just gotten out of a lesson and we had to go with Elder Jackson one of our zone leaders to get his ingrown toenail taken out (sidenote: if anyone wants to see the pictures/video, let me know lol) so I was like, well I want to get some water before we go. So we went to a store and saw a clown outside. Hna. Foster was like, we should get a picture with him!! Now you all know how I feel about clowns, but this one wasn´t too frightening, so I said okay. Well we went out and got a picture with him and crossed the street. As we´re trying to get a taxi, I look over and the clown is DANCING. I started laughing and pulling out my camera so I could get a video, but then I was distracted by a car and a motorcycle not too far away from us. Apparently they´d had some kind of disagreement because they guy in the front seat of the car tried to get out while it was still moving to go fight with the guy on the motorcycle. So finally the car stops, they guys get off and they stalk over to motorcycle guy and all three of them start yelling at each other. We´re watching them, very entertained, when the traffic control guy shows up on his scooter and all three of them start yelling at him. He pulled something out from his hip and Hna. Foster goes, just shoot em, just shoot em all. So then I started laughing hysterically, but finally these two guys got back in their car and drove away, and then the motorcycle guy got back on and followed them!!!! I was like oh man, they´re gonna go somewhere and finish what they started, and Hna. Foster says, they´re going to Guasmo!!! So we cracked up laughing all over again, then finally got a taxi that didn´t try to rob us because they think we´re just stupid gringas that haven´t been here very long. Well we start off down the street and get to an intersection and this car pulls out RIGHT in front of us, so our taxista SLAMS on his brakes, screeching tires and almost hits the guy. So we´re like, hmmmmm, we should put our seatbelts on, but although there were two belts there was only one buckle. So I was like, okay Hna., you can have it, I´ll just die. I didn´t die obviously, but there was a real chance. But all of that happened within the same hour!!! And then, we were with Elder Jackson and the doctor is taking out his ingrown toenail, and his phone goes off . . . . . and his ringtone is the theme song from the Halloween movies. We were like uhhhh . . . . . we´d like to leave now. Creepy!!!!

Well I can´t think of anything else to say, so I´ll talk to you all at 6 Ecuadorian time tomorrow!! Not sure if that´s 7 Indiana time but I think it is. Make sure everyone is there so they can all talk to me and to those that have to wait for my next email to hear what´s going on, be good and don´t do anything I wouldn´t do!!!


Hermana Chamberlain

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