Monday, August 30, 2010

Be Still My Soul, The Lord is On My Side


Questions first!!! 1. How was Zone Conference? You didn't mention it. Zone Conference was really different from what President Johns did but I´ll get used to it.

2. Did you have to give a presentation? I didn´t have to give a presentation. Elder Garcia did tell me that they miss me a lot in the office-awwww. I miss them too.

3. You mentioned in a previous e-mail that Sister Montalti told you a little more about why you are in Cuenca. Do you want to share? Hermana Montalti pretty much just told me that I was going to be her eyes and ears in Cuenca and Loja and that all the missionaries from there would call me.

4. One of the moms asked about laundry. Do you usually hand wash everything or use a laundromat? We hand wash our garments but there´s a member who lives next door that does our clothes (she´s not endowed and less active so she can´t do our garments.)

5. Will you get to go to the temple while you are in Cuenca? We don´t get to go to the temple in Cuenca because it´s 4 hours away :(.

6. Did you get Grandma C's package yet? I doubt anyone will steal it. It won't do them any good! I haven´t gotten Grandma C´s package yet because last week there was no mail for the emergency changes. Yes, we were very mad.

7. Did you like your birthday presents? I hope the sizes were okay. I loaded all the CD's you requested onto the MP3 I sent. I LOVED my birthday presents!!! The MP3 was a life saver because Hermana Wise got transferred and she was the only other one with music. I´m so glad you were able to find all the music I asked for. The shirt is a little big but the dress is perfect, just that sometimes it´s too cold to wear it. But it´s very pretty.

8. Do you get the Ensign or Liahona? If not, do you want me to send our old issues? Do you have time to read them? Or, I could just send the conference issues so you can reread the talks. Let me know. We got the liahona when I was in the office but I haven´t gotten one since then-I dunno what´s going on with that, I´ll have to ask.

9. Are there any treats or items from the US you'd like us to send you? Anything you are craving? Treats from the US-well since you asked, I´m dying for peanut butter m&ms and reeses cups, plus peanut butter and nutella, it´s sooooo expensive here I can´t even believe it. Plus if you can get salsa from Cebollas and send it to me that would be amazing, although that might be kind of a stretch, I realize. I always need more nylons, they break like crazy on me. I dunno, just anything else you want to throw in there. Whew. Lots of questions!!!

Okay, so this week was INCREDIBLE!!!! I have never ever been able to see the Lord´s hand so clearly in my life, directing us where we need to be and what we need to do. So Monday we were feeling a little depressed/freaked out because Hermana Wise had left and we didn´t know anything, but we decided that if this was some kind of test to see how we would handle being left in Cuenca by ourselves, bueno, we were gonna pass it with flying colors. But of course we all know that when we decide that we´re gonna keep going despite everything, Satan starts making plans to get in the way, which is exactly what he did. Tuesday morning I woke up with awful diarrhea and stomach pain, I couldn´t even get out of bed. But we had to go to district meeting, so off we went, and then we went on a treasure hunt for the family that was supposed to feed us that day. Well, we ended up getting horribly lost and walking for an hour and a half, which wouldn´t have been so bad except I´d had diarrhea all morning and eaten pretty much nothing, so I was about ready to pass out. We stopped to ask for directions and the guy was like, oh that´s like forever away, but don´t worry, I´ll take you in my car!!! We ended up contacting him and we´re going to teach him and his wife today. So then he dropped us off in the streets where we needed to be but we still couldn´t find this lady. Then we hear hermanas!! Come in here!!! Umm . . . . we don´t know you!!! But then he was like, hey I´m Hermano Barros, (a family in our ward) come and meet my cousin, he wants to have the lessons!!! His cousin turned out to be super awesome, and then HNO Barros took us exactly where we needed to go, except the hermana had already left, so we ended up eating in a restaurant and then HNA Castillo was like we are going home and you are going to rest!!! I didn´t even argue with her, I felt so awful that I was dying to just lie down for awhile. We went back out that night and taught two recent convert and less active families, and as we were leaving our last appt. we were waiting for the bus and saw two guys coming down the street. I thought, I don´t really like the way these two guys look, just and HNA Castillo said, why do I have a bad feeling about these two guys?? So we started looking for an escape but there was nowhere to go. Just as these two guys got to us, the bus pulled up!!! WOW.

And that was just Tuesday. Almost every day that week the Lord helped us, through the members, through the Spirit, through small and simple things. We went back and taught HNO Jose, HNO Barros´ cousin, and it turns out that he´s golden. He said that he has the same question that Joseph Smith had, and he was so excited to read the BOM and pray and we were excited too!! We put a baptism date on Gothy´s parents, who are going back to Peru in October to get married, and on Leonel, who we didn´t see at church the next day but we found out later that he had come, just that he woke up late and came for the last hour. They´re all really excited. Jorge´s friend Javier is progressing really well too, just that we need to get him to church, but Jorge is helping us out a lot. Basically the Lord has really been looking out for us this week. There´s no doubt in my mind that Heavenly Father is listening to my prayers and is answering them. There´s no doubt in my mind that He loves me and that I am important to Him. There's a song on the MP3 that you sent me called I Am His Daughter that´s been an incredible help to me. It talks all about how the opinions of the world and other people aren´t important, because I am a daughter of Heavenly Father who loves me and helps me see that I have a lot to offer. I listen to it a lot, especially this week, and next week I´ll post the words so that everyone can read them. It´s awesome.

We had kind of a funny experience yesterday-well HNA Castillo doesn´t think it´s funny but bueno. We were walking to go catch the bus to pick up people for church and HNA Castillo was like look a dog!!! So we were both looking at it and all of a sudden I hear a THUD. I turned around and HNA Castillo was on the ground!! She had tripped and fallen and scratched her knees up really badly. That part´s not funny, just that she fell because she was looking at the dog. But she´s hurting bad and has to walk a lot slower now, pobrecita. But now we´re a little bit more careful now. But we´re doing good. Little by little we´re learning the sector and everything is falling into place. The members are helping us a lot and we are finding incredible people. The Lord has us in His hands. There´s no doubt in my mind!!!

Siga adelante siempre!!!! Les amo y extraño mucho!!!

Hermana Chamberlain

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