Saturday, August 7, 2010

Goodbye Hermana Foster


This week has been kind of surreal. It´s Hermana Foster´s last week so everyone´s been saying goodbye to her and making a big deal and stuff, plus she´s kind of freaking out too. But it was good, we had some good experiences and some little miracles from Heavenly Father, but we´re going to need more!!!

So this Monday I got a chance to work with Hermana Wise. She had come to Guayaquil from Cuenca to renew her censo, and she stayed with us that night. Hermana LeCates came up too because she went home on Tuesday morning, so she and Hermana Foster went to visit converts and Hermana Wise and I went to visit investigators. It was . . . . super awesome!!! I had been feeling really nervous, because I´ve never taught a sector to anyone, never been the person who decides where we´re going and what we´re doing, but Hermana Wise didn´t know anything really, so it was all me. But it was excellent!!! I figured out that I can teach a sector, start lessons, teach them, act on inspiration . . . . when Hermana Barker comes, I´m ready and raring to go!!! Heavenly Father really helped me out that night and I know that he will keep helping me all throughout my mission as long as I trust in him!!!

So the bishop said that he wants Camila and Yvonne to be baptized with someone in their family so that they´ll go to church every Sunday (even though HNA Jacklin already brings them, but bueno) but their mom lives in Duran and their sister is medio flojo (meaning she flakes on us a lot), Well guess what?? We went back to their house one day this week and their mom has moved back here to Guayaquil!! She´s listening to us now and she´s okay with the girls getting baptized, she just wants to make sure that they´re ready first. But it´s so good that she´s listening to us too, and it was really a miracle straight from Heavenly Father that she came back!!! Unfortunately Maria Soledad is going to have to wait a little longer because one of her parents doesn´t want her to get baptized. We´re not sure who it is because one day she says that her dad said no and the next she says he didn´t say anything about it and so yeah. We´re working on it. But that was kind of sad, she started crying in a lesson because she wants to get baptized so bad. But we´re going to help her.

A lot of people have been wondering why I don´t talk about the medical part of my mission very much. It´s because I don´t really want to. I´d rather talk about the people I´m working with because that´s where I get the most happiness. With the new president and all the people calling us and having to do a lot more stuff, that part is really stressful and I really am a lot more happy when I´m out in the sector teaching people. So that´s what I talk about in the emails. Plus what we do in the office isn´t very interesting, just taking calls and calling doctors and charting and stuff. I dunno, what do you guys want to know about it?? I will say this though, that the elders in our office are really weird . . . . they´re awesome but they´re so weird!!!! There´s a door in the office that separates the main desk and our office from their part, but every day I hear laughing, singing, fighting, scuffling, and every once in a while they come in to refill their mate cup (mate is an herb that they drink in Argentina and it´s super gross, but the office elders all drink it like crazy.) I love them all but wow . . . . que radisimo!!!

Something else cool-HNA Wise and I went to visit Catalina on Monday and she told us that she´s been reading the Book of Mormon and she´s in 1 Nephi 13!!! Wow!!! We were so excited when we heard that. She is SO close to being baptized and HNA Wise said that HNA Barker would help out a lot with her. I hope so because I can just see her in the temple now!!!

Well sorry this is short-we´re on a tight schedule today because it´s Hermana Foster´s last P day and there´s a lot she wants to do. Plus this internet cafe is really expensive. But I love you all and sorry about the pictures but I forgot my cable!!! Love you all!!

Hermana Chamberlain

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