Monday, March 22, 2010

Nadie Nos Quiere=Nobody Loves Us!

Well this week was super frustrating. We worked SO HARD-I´m talking walked for miles, contacted like crazy, set lots of appointments, stayed out till 9:30 every night with appointments, were obedient . . . . . and it didn´t get us ANYWHERE. Nobody wanted to talk to us, people gave us a lot of fake addresses, most of our set appointments fell through and then all of the backup plans for our set appointments fell through too. And of course, everyone bailed on us for church, plus a lot of the recent converts decided they didn´t need to come to church either. (although Fam. Romero did come-this makes me feel somewhat successful.) Plus we found out that the girl that was going to be our miracle baptism actually doens´t live in our sector after all-or even in our zone. UGHHH!!!! It was SUPER frustrating and SUPER discouraging, so last night I blew off the steam of it all by cracking a lot of jokes with Hna. López. Because really, it was really sad but also kind of funny. But it was also frustrating because they always tell you that if you´re obedient and work hard, you´ll have success. Well we were doing all those things, and we got NOTHING!! But Hna. López was reading Mosiah 23 and found a pretty awesome scripture that explains why the Lord decides to try our patience sometimes-but she doesn´t remember the reference and we don´t have our scriptures with us so I dunno which scripture exactly. But read Mosiah 23, it´s awesome. And 24 is awesome too. And there were a few pretty good things that happened this week, for example, Roxana, one of our investigators, came to a ward activity that we had, and also Carolina, another person we´re teaching, finally read the chapter in the BOM that we left for her. So that´s something. And even if nothing else happens this last week of the change, I will consider it a success because Fam. Pino finally was able to be baptized. That makes all the struggles worthwhile.
Anyway, enough of the Debbie Downer. Interviews with President Johns were this past week and I was talking to him about all the things that are going on with the family right now. He told me to read D&C 100:1. After I did I felt much much better about everything. I hope that Tyler is getting better and can go back to school soon, and that Aunt Jenny has found a doctor that she not only likes, but loves and will take amazingly good care of her. President also pretty much told me that I´m leaving Huancavilca this change, which happens this Sunday. I actually already knew this because Hna. Montenegro, who we see every Monday, lives with the nurses and told me that Hna. Lecates is leaving the office this change, and since I´m the only nurse in the mission right now that hasn´t been in the office yet . . . . tag!! I´m it. So it´s possible that you all won´t be hearing from me until next Saturday, the 3rd of April, because the office missionaries have P-day on Saturday, and I´m not sure if I´ll be able to write on Monday the day of transfers. I´m letting you know now so that Mom doesn´t freak out and think that I´ve been killed in an earthquake or something. (It could happen, there was apparently a tiny earthquake on Saturday, but none of us felt it. But we all know that I slept through the earthquake in Indiana, so it could just be me.)
So we´ve learned this week that our sector is a lot more dangerous that we thought it was!! Everyone´s been telling us that we can´t go to certain places in the nighttime because it´s dangerous. I´m talking places that we´ve always gone to at night and never had any problems. We had to do divisions the other night because we had a lot of people to pick up for our FHE, so Hna. Morán and I took a shortcut through a soccer field. On the way we passed 3 guys sitting on the ground, who said “Buenas noches” but didn´t do anything else. Well when we got to Fam. Romero´s house, Hna. Margarita told us that there are 3 robbers that always hang out in that section of Huancavlica and that it´s really dangerous. We were like ummm . . . . I think we saw them!! Nice to know that the Lord protects us!!

This morning we played kickball with other hermanas and then we went to the Bahia, which is an outdoor mall, more or less. All the hermanas here wear housedresses everyday, and I wanted one because they look totally comfortable and it would be funny, so I was looking for one of those. Well I found an awesome pink one, and Hna. López decided she wanted one too, so now we have matching grandma dresses. I´ll send you a picture, but it´s totally awesome. And the best part is that it was only 3 dollars. Aunt Meg, I want you to know that I consider the money that you sent me for Christmas used for my grandma dress. And if I don´t get a chance to send you an email, muchas muchas gracias. I know I´m terrible because I´ve said nothing about it but I really am grateful, even if it seems like I´m not. Love you!!

Welllll . . . . don´t really have anything else to say. Hopefully this week is better. Hope everyone is doing well. Sorry this isn´t longer. Love you all and chao chao until next week!!


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