Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Teaching My Companions Important English Words, Like 'Gross' and 'Awkward'


Well this week wasn´t very exciting, to be honest. We taught some lessons, we walked a lot, I ate humitas for the first time, (they´re gross) and only fam. Balarezo came to church again. But other than that, it was pretty boring. Although something cool did happen. We made a goal to have 3 baptisms this change, and so far we´ve only had two. Well I´ve been praying and praying for awhile that we could have another one and reach our goal, but no one is really progressing. It was totally frustrating. Well, yesterday, we went to church and one of the members had brought a friend to church, Stefany. She was really interested in learning more about the church, and said that her friend had told her the story of Joseph Smith and it had had a huge impact on her. PLUS, she lives in our sector!! We´ve been finding a lot of great people lately that don´t live in our sector, so this was really exciting. I´m hoping that she turns out to be the answer to my prayer, but the only problem is that she works all the time so she doesn´t have a ton of time to have us come teach her. But I´m going to have faith. She´s really cool and I know that if we can get to teach her, she´ll progress really fast. Pray for us!!

So guess what??? Today is a great day for you all because I´m sending PICTURES!!!   (Pictures are below this post.)  Yes!! I finally remembered to bring my connector cable so that I could upload some pics. So you all get to see the marriage and baptisms of Fam. Pino and Marcos, pics from our trip to the zoo and bowling, and the Guayaquil temple. It´s awesome. You´ll love it. Ecuador is awesome. It´s definitely better than the Dominican Republic. Just kidding Katie and Jimmy. Please don´t kill me.

Funny story. In our zone conference President and Hermana Johns announced that all the natives (excuse me Eric, indigenous peoples) were going to learn English. Well you can imagine that all the gringitos were really excited about that!! It´s been incredibly hilarious. Hna. Morán already knows a lot of English (and Hna. López does too but she pretends like she doesn´t) but helping them study is seriously a riot. I´ve been teaching them a lot of words that will not help them whatsoever in the work, but are still useful. Their favorites so far are "gross" and "awkward" although I still haven´t really been able to explain the definition of awkward to them. I don´t think it translates directly into Spanish, but they´re starting to get the hang of it. Aren´t you proud of me for teaching them such useful English words??

Oh yeah, another funny story. We started teaching this lady named Rosio yesterday and she´s seriously hilarious. She was really receptive, accepted committments to read and pray and all that, and then said to me, so have you been a Jehovah´s Witness your whole life?? I had to work really really hard not to laugh, it was too funny after having taught her the ENTIRE lesson and talking to her about the Book of MORMON, that she thought we were JWs. So so funny!! But like I said, she was really receptive and wants us to come back and talk to her and her "husband" (they´re not married bc she´s still married to her first husband. When I heard that I was like . . . . hableme en serio!! NOT AGAIN.) So yeah. We´ll see what happens. Also we finally told Christian that if he wasn´t willing to keep his committments we weren´t going to keep teaching him, and I felt kind of bad bc I didn´t feel bad about leaving him. I felt like I should have felt worse about it, but I was kind of relieved. It was really frustrating to go day after day after day and find that he STILL hadn´t read the Book of Mormon. Seriously 3 Nephi 11 is like 2 pages. NOT THAT HARD. So yeah. We´re not teaching him anymore and I´m more than okay with it. Does that make me a bad person?? I hope not.

Bueno. I don´t know what else to say. Oh yeah!! I haven´t put up my shoutouts!! First off, I KNEW Daniel would get engaged as soon as I saw the pics that Katie sent me. ¡Cheverissimo pues!  Mom, please take out a dollar from my bank account for Craig´s pants. They´re so awesome that I´ve got to contribute to the cause. Well, can´t think of anything else to say for real now, so be good, read your scriptures, pray, be nice to the missionaries and always look for people to share the gospel with. Remember that if you want to see your besties in the Celestial Kingdom, they have to get baptized first. MUCHO AMOR!!

PS: turns out it takes 10 years to upload pics in this internet cafe, so you´re not getting all the pics that I said you were. You´ll have to wait till next week. Also, yes, Hno. Pino is a lot older than Hna. Pino. No wisecracks please, we´ve gotten enough in district meeting. Also, I need Craigo´s email again bc I lost it and I want to write him. But now I really have to go. Chao chao!!

Hermana Chamberlain

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