Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No Thanksgiving Dinner This Year-10/14/09

¡Hola familia y amigos!So Grandma wrote to me this week and said that Elder Newell is her sister´s grandson and so we´re pretty much second cousins or something. She also said she´s going to try and find out why he went home, but
don´t worry about it bc none of us really want to know. It´s none of our business and we only want him to be able to come back as soon as possible.Now that I´ve pretty much become Debbie Downer, how is everyone? I miss you guys mucho a lot, but again, not enough to come home. I´ll be sending more pictures soon. Hermana Mount got a Jody dress at DI for like 6 bucks and we both wore them last Friday, it was totally hilarious. We also taught a great lesson in the TRC that day, which just goes to show that wearing jody dresses is essential to having the Spirit with you. lol.Ummmm what else. OH!! Funny story. A couple nights ago I accidentally kicked the ladder that goes up to Hermana Mount´s bed in the middle of the night. I just rolled over and went back to sleep but then Hermana Mount woke me up and was like, OMG!! My bed was shaking and there´s a huge storm outside, did you feel it?? I was like ummmm, I think that was me kicking your ladder. It was hilarious and I haven´t stopped giving her a hard time about it yet.Still no sign of President Uchtdorf coming to give a devotional, but we´ve gotten some way good ones. Last night we had a seventy come, David Evans. He talked about the Book of Mormon and how we need to use it to convert people. It was basically awesome except for the part where he went half an hour over. No me gusta.Oh yeah. I got called as coordinating sister like the second day I was here. It´s pretty much the zone leader for hermanas, which isn´t hard bc there´s only 4 and they all live in my room. We´re getting a new district today with no hermanas, and we got a new one last week with no hermanas. Muy lameo. Nesicitamos más hermanas!! Another list of things I need. I´m still waiting for those black sweatpants from gap. And about the robe, it´s not a huge deal if you can´t find one. Also, my roommates say muchas gracias for the food you sent mom. Hermana Yoshino really likes granola bars and she´s really excited for the next box. She wants to know if you can send rice crispy treats. Mom we do have a microwave oven so bring on the easy mac. Except not really bc I think its gross. But if you want to send something else please feel free. I love those Betty Crocker microwave dessert things, just FYI.So one of my zone leaders, Elder Kouts, wants to be a plastic surgeoun when he grows up and when he found out I was a nurse he was like, tell me all your stories!!! So I told him about the time I got thrown up on and about the crazy guy that got out of his restraints and came after me and the guy that stuck the nerf ball up his rectum. He loves it, its so funny. Hermana Mount and I are getting ready to teach them the Plan of Salvation today and it´s basically going to be awesome bc we have some sweet visual aids. Another random story. Hermana Mount tells our other zone leader, Elder Coats, that he has a nice smile in Spanish and he totally doesn´t understand it and he screws up his face trying to figure out what she´s saying. It´s hilarious.Soooo, yeah. I don´t really have a whole lot else to say. It´s awesome here and the Spirit is strong and la iglesia es verdadero. For rels. I miss you and love you all, be good and read your scriptures and pray every day and love each other!!

Mucho Mucho amor!!!
Hermana Chamberlain

A couple more things with my last 10 minutes: please send more pants. P-days are killing me!! I should be able to send stuff home in boxes or send it to Abby, hopefully. Also, you can send pictures to me on myldsmail, so please send some!! I can't send to you though. What else. How are Craig and Kelly?? Why haven't they written me any letters?? lol j/k. Ummm . . . . I don't know what else. Not a whole lot of exciting things happened this week. Can you believe I've been here for 3 weeks already?? It feels like I just got here yesterday!! And now I only have 5 or 6 weeks left!! We figured out last night that I'm leaving the week of Thanksgiving, so no turkey dinner for me this year. BUMMER. Thanksgiving is only my favorite holiday after Christmas. Oh yeah. Hermana Yoshino hasn't gotten any mail from her immediate family yet. Would you family be willing to write letters to her?? If you send them to me and write her name on them I'll be sure she gets them. Also, would you all mind writing your testimonies down and sending them to me?? I would really really love to have those. Also mom and dad, in one of our firesides the speaker told us we should ask our parents for stories about their lives, like how did you meet and things like that. Could you write those down and send them to me too?? Por favor?? Awesome!!

Te amo muchisimo y adios hasta miercoles!!!

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