Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Prayers for Brownies-10/28/09

Hola Familia y amigos!!!So much this week!! First, sad face, my favorite district left for Chile and El Salvador en Lunes y estoy MUY triste!!!! Especially b/c my favorite zone leaders left with them. I'm trying not to be depressed about it but I keep looking around for Elder Kouts to flip me a peace sign in the hallway and then I remember he's in Chile and I feel sad. But I'm getting over it :)So our devotional yesterday was no big deal. The speaker was just L. TOM PERRY!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! There were cops ALL OVER the MTC yesterday all day and we were like, what is going on?? So then all through dinner we were speculating on who was coming b/c they don't bring out the cops for random seventy members that we usually get. I was pretty sure that if it was Dieter F. Uchtdorf I was going to pee my pants and then keel over and die. But we got back and we saw Elder Perry walk in and everyone jumped out of their seats!! I don't think I've ever gotten up so fast in my life!! And I guess my face was really funny b/c Elder Yeates said I looked like I was going to pass out. LOL. His talk was so good, he talked about how to be an effective teacher and spent a lot of time talking about the scriptures. He is so great!! I wanted to talk to him and ask if he remembered me or Grandpa but they wouldn't let us, plus there's this rule here that you can't hug or shake hands b/c of flu season so they wouldn't have let us near him anyway. But it was SO AWESOME!!! I WAS IN THE SAME ROOM AS L. TOM PERRY!!!!!Anyway. This week has been pretty good. I feel like I've been in kind of a slump for a couple days, I haven't felt as motivated as in weeks previous, but I'm starting to come out of that. We are starting to teach the lessons only in Spanish now . . . . . and it's scary!!! But fun. We have been teaching our progressive investigator Hermenegildo (probably not spelled correctly, I don't think Hno. Barrios could have picked a more difficult name to spell or pronounce) in Spanish from the get go and it hasn't been too horrible. He's been reading the BOM and has questions about Laban and why God commanded Nephi to kill him, so we're going to teach him about that tonight and then teach the Plan of Salvation . . . . en Espanol!! I had this inspired idea to liken our life on earth to a futbol (soccer) game, b/c Hermenegildo really likes futbol, especially team Chile!! So we'll see how it goes, with our broken Spanish, but as long as the Spirit is there we should be fine :) And we are getting a new district today with THREE HERMANAS!!! One is from Korea and one from Tonga, and one from the States. I have met a few Australians here too which is pretty exciting. Eric, one of them looked a lot like you, it weirded me out a little. Pero, esta bien ;)Funny story. Hermana Yoshino loves brownies and one day they had brownies at dinner, but by the time she went to get one they were all out. So she prayed that night in roommate prayer that we would have brownies the next day. We didn't. BUT, Hermana Mount gave her a brownie from the elders that night and said, oh some random elder gave it to me!! Since then, Hermana Yoshino has somehow gotten brownies every time she prays for them. One time she prayed specifically for homemade brownies and got a homemade brownie on her desk. It was so hilarious. Dios contesta nuestros oraciones!!!Yo se que este es verdad porque tuve una experiencia con oracion la ultimo miercoles. We went to the temple early b/c I had a meeting during our normal time. We did initiatories and they were so amazing. Those blessings are so fantastic. Anyway, we had to book it back and when I came back I found out my recommend was missing. I have never felt so miserable or prayed so hard in my life!! I seriously was praying constantly through the rest of the night. But then right before we went upstairs, they called my name to the front desk and someone had found it!!! Dios nos ama muchisimo!!!Mom I'm so glad you are all going to send your testimonies soon. I'll admit I was getting a little bit frustrated when only Grandma sent hers. BTW Grandma thank you so much for doing that for me!!! I loved it and I am going to write to you today, I promise!! I'm so sorry to everyone I haven't written yet, I don't have a lot of time to write letters but I'm trying to get to everyone at least once or twice before I leave. That reminds me mom, can you send me Caitlin, Caleb and Christi's mission addresses?? I want to write to them and I can't get on Facebook to look up the addresses. Also it's possible that you might be getting letters for me at the home address b/c I wrote it in Elder Coats and Kouts' address books b/c I don't know what my address in Ecuador is. So if you get one can you forward it to me and then send them a note with my address and instructions for pouch mail?? Thanks!!Craig and Kelly, I loved your letters!! Craig, I read your story about Totoro to Hermana Yoshino and she was so excited!!! She knows all about Totoro, and she translated the Japanese sentence for me but I don't remember what it means. You should write me a whole letter in Japanese and I'll have her read it to me. Mom, the pictures you sent won't open on these computers. Is it possible to have them developed and sent?? And I would love pictures of the family, b/c Hno. Sears says in South America people love to see pictures of your family and they look at you weird if you don't have them with you. I am sending you all some more pictures today from temple walks and Elder McGuire's birthday which was amazing!! We gave 20 sisters Hershey kisses to give him randomly throughout the day and he would get SO RED everytime he got one. It was so amazing. Everyone, POR FAVOR, write to me!! Mail is the only connection I have with the outside world!!!Okay I only have like 3 minutes left!! Write to me and tell me what you want to hear in these emails, I feel like I ramble a lot. I love you all SO MUCH and I miss you all but not enough to come home b/c I'm preaching the gospel to people who need it and it's AMAZING!!!

Hermana Chamberlain

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