Tuesday, November 24, 2009

An Unexpected Extra Day in the US

This is a Mom update.  Ellen left the MTC at 5 am Monday.  Her flight to Dallas boarded on time, but they sat on the tarmac for over an hour, sorting out a problem with the plane.  When she and the 7 elders she is traveling with arrived at DFW, they had just missed their connection to Miami.  They were put on the next flight, but that got in 1 hour and 15 minutes after the flight to Ecuador left so they spent the night in Miami and will head to Ecuador today.  Kindly, the airline provided them with hotel and food vouchers.  Unkindly, they would not give them their luggage so Ellen, who doesn't really think about possibly not getting where she wants to be when she wants to be there, was stuck in Miami with no clean clothes, no makeup, no contact solution, etc.  She was quite happy, though, to have a large bed, a room to herself, the ability to shower, and the possibility of a toothbrush from the hotel.

In Dallas the eight of them headed to the payphones to call home.  Some man, watching Ellen leading 7 men all dressed alike, stopped her and asked, "Are you babysitting?" She thought that was pretty funny.  The highlight of the Dallas layover was helping a woman on their flight, who was from Paraguay and spoke no English, get her connecting flight worked out and off to her gate.  Ellen said she had to ask the lady to repeat herself several times, but she was able to blunder through enough Spanish to get her where she needed to go and she told the lady to look for her friend, who is on her way to Paraguay as a missionary.

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