Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Two Weeks Already!-10/7/09

I can't believe I've been here for TWO WEEKS already!!! Last P-day I saw all the new elders and sisters coming in and I was like, awww . . . . that was me not even a week ago!! SO insane.So, before I forget . . . . here's a list of all the things I need. First, WARM CLOTHES!!! I'M FREEZING!!! Cardigans, sweaters, hose, all the warm clothes you can find/buy, I want them!! And blankets, our room is also freezing. Also, I need some more P day clothes as well. We're allowed to wear jeans and basketball shorts, so please send me some of those as well as some t shirts for gym, I didn't bring enough. That's how I roll!!Mom, I have been getting all your dear elder letters and I love them!!! Everyone, write to me on dear elder, its so much easier than snail mail. So remember Hermana Yoshino, my roommate?? She is from Japan and I asked her your question about how foreign missionaries feel about American food. She was like, "It's all so FATTY!! And you eat too much BREAD!! And so much MEAT!! and the cereal is so SUGARY!! and the desserts are SO SWEET!! and you don't cook your VEGETABLES!!!" It was so hilarious. And then we decided that we are going to run for president when we come back, on the platform of improving American nutrition. And then she told me that in Japan, people would probably think I was a model. And then I came back into our room from the bathroom, and she was humming "Yellow Submarine" by the Beatles. It was totally hilarious. Hermana Yoshino=<3So my Purdue friends will be pleased to know that Carl the Stegosaurus has become the mascot of my district!! Our old zone leaders and all our favorite elders left for Chile and the Peru MTC this week, muy triste!! But we are getting a new district in our zone today, which is very exciting. Sadly we have already lost one from our district, Elder Newell went home last Wednesday. We think there were some family issues but no one really knows what went down. But it was a bummer for sure!!So, some random stories. I had a 1/2 hour chat with Pres Clegg last P day b/c Hermana Mount needed a temple recommend interview. He remembers Katie really well and says she was one of the best missionaries ever!! He's so great. Also, I met a teacher here who served in Arcadia with Daniel, Hermana Keller. She told me to ask if he remembered her, so Daniel do you remember her?? She said you were un bueno misionero. And Abby, I MET YOUR FRIEND CHIP!!!! It was so hilarious b/c we were having an ayuno de ingles (English fast) so I could only speak Spanish and he doesn't speak any Spanish, but I saw him in the health clinic and was like "Jibson, why is that familiar??" then he said oh I'm from ann arbor and I went to BYU and I was like "WAIT!! Do you know Abby Chamberlain??" (I cheated and said it in English) and he was like "YEAH she's one of my best friends!!!" So I said, "Mi Hermana!!! Mi Hermana!!" then I had to translate but it was super exciting. So yeah. PS: we have English fasts every monday, so mondays are always really quiet around our district. What else. Did everyone totally love conference?? The only thing I can say is Jeffrey R. Holland . . . . awwwww da-dang. Elder McGuire in my district said afterwards "We have decided that Elder Holland curb-stomped Satan!!!" Mom, you don't want to know what curb-stomping is. I like to think that Elder Holland roundhouse-kicked Satan in the face, Chuck Norris style. Either way, his talk was AMAAAAAAZINGGG!!! Actually, all of conference was amazzzzing!!! And next year I have to listen to it in Spanish. Uh oh.Hmmm . . . . so, random story. When I went to visit Hillary she said "Look how the Lord blesses you, when I was in brazil I never shaved with shaving cream and I never cut myself or got razor rash!!" Well I shaved my legs a few nights ago and cut myself so bad that I bled all over the place and had to go to the custodial closet and disinfect the shower. No bueno. Hillary, we're going to have a talk. I'm totally loving it here. Hermana Mount and I have been teaching awesome lessons to anyone we can find, and we've been going to the RC which she loves but I'm not so hot on b/c you all know I hate talking on the phone. But the Spirit here is ridiculous, always so strong during our lessons and when we're planning even, we get ideas that come out of nowhere, it's insane. This gospel is so true!!! Tell everyone you know!! Don't be scared, just open your mouth!! If I had time I would look up and list all the scriptures that say that but I don't so just trust me when I say that they're there.More random stuff. The MTC food is wreaking havoc on my digestive system. Mom, if you hadn't sent those Fiber One bars we would not have a good situation in room 471. Also, Hermana Yoshino wants you to send us some food that will prove that American food isn't all gross. I saw Sister Peek last night and she is leaving NEXT WEEK and I'm so jealous. Spanish was coming along until yesterday, when we learned about how the subject of a Spanish sentence can go anywhere you want it to go. What?? Everyone should just speak English. Apologies for my bad attitude. Something else random: I haven't bitten my nails since I got to the MTC. Isn't that weird???Oh, Lindsey, Jamesy and Curt!! Pretty much all the elders in my district watch Flight of the Conchords, and we were singing the business time song this morning. It was AMAZING and I missed you all, es muy triste!! Actually I miss everyone who is reading this email right now, not too much that I want to come home, but just enough!! I am going to try and write everyone but I can only write letters on P days so it might take awhile for you to get yours!! I love you all SO MUCH and I love getting mail from you and hearing about what's going on with you and all that!! Seriously!! TE AMO MUCHOOOOOO!!!!!!!Con amor!!!Hermana ChamberlainPS: If you want me to write you, send me your address!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

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