Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Hola hola hola!!! Como estan everyone?? So many crazy things happened this week. First, mom, I don't know if I can send mail through pouch or not but I'll find out and get back to you. And there are actually only two new hermanas, Hna Funaki from Tonga and Hna Lee from South Korea, and they don't live in our room. BUT, we would love to give them treats anyway, so just send enough for all of us.Okay so first off, Hna. Mount got really sick on Friday so we went to the health clinic, and she got sent to QUARANTINE!!!! Estuve MUY triste porque no tuve mi companera conmigo. En serio, Estuve muy lonely. But cool story. That night I started feeling really sick too. My body hurt and I was coughing and I felt really tired and I was SURE that they were going to ship me off to quarantine the next day too. But that night I prayed that I would feel better and the next day I felt completely fine. Turned out to be a good thing b/c Hna Lee was sent to quarantine that afternoon and Hna Funaki was having a really hard time with it, so I was able to help her out a lot by being her companion until Hna Mount got out yesterday and Hna Lee came out today. The Lord really looks out for us doesn't he??Hmmm, what else. Hna Yoshino is still really hilarious. Monday Elder McGuire made fun of me pretty much all day b/c he's Elder McGuire and that's just what he does. Anyway, we were ragging on each other all day and when we got back to the room, Hna Yoshino said to me, "You and Elder McGuire are so funny!!" I said, "I know, we're like brother and sister" and she said, "what if, you know, after your missions . . . . . you guys get married??" I was like " . . . . . . stop it. Just stop it right now." She just kills me sometimes, seriously. So Grandma wanted to know how much time I spend studying the scriptures and Spanish everyday. It really depends on the day, b/c I get an hour for personal study and an hour for companion study, but sometimes I need to prepare a lesson or I want to go over something in PMG or something like that. So it just depends. Language is kind of up in the air too, b/c we're supposed to have an hour for language study but a lot of times we don't get it b/c other things come up. But now we've switched to having all our classes in Spanish so I guess that kind of counts. It's a lot easier with Hno Sears b/c he's a gringo, but Hno Barrios is pretty much impossible b/c Chileans like to leave parts of their words out and talk really fast and slur everything together, so it's difficult. We have interviews with our teachers every week and he always asks me if there's anything he can do better and I always say, "talk slower." But other than that our teachers are so great. Hno Barrios brought a pair of Mickey Mouse ears to class on Halloween and wore them, it was so hilarious. Grandma also wanted to know about my Spanish and if I have a travel plan yet. My Spanish is not too bad, I find that once I start talking I'm surprised by what I can say. But I know that once I get out in the field it will take awhile. And we don't have our travel plans yet but we should get them in the next week or so. Can you believe I only have 3 weeks left in the MTC??? I can barely believe it!!So I bet you want to know what we did for Halloween. We made a plan that every sister missionary who owned a Jody dress would wear it that day, along with the ugliest shoes we own. It was so awesome!! I have a picture of some of the sisters on my floor and me in our dresses. I'll send it to you when I get a chance. By the way Mom, those pictures didn't come through. I think you'll have to print them out and send them. So this week was my first week teaching in all Spanish at the TRC, and I had to do it without my companion :(. But it ended up being amazing. Remember I told you all about Lucia?? This time the other Hnas and I taught Rosa, who is Lucia's mother and doesn't speak a single word of English. I didn't understand most of what she said, and I'm pretty sure that my Spanish was muy mal. Pero, estuvo bien porque el Espiritu Santo fue muy fuerza!! Rosa was crying by the end and I was like, "Awesome, I can do this!!" This week has otherwise been kind of a bummer b/c since Hna Mount was in quarantine and I was with Hna Funaki, I didn't get a chance to teach any lessons. But tomorrow we're teaching a ton and Friday is another TRC and the RC. PS: I sent the missionaries to someone in the RC last Friday and it was amazing!! Those moments make all the answering machine calls totally worthwhile.So everything is pretty much the same here. I get up, I study, I eat, I sit in class, eat again, sit in class, eat again and sit in class. I'm getting fat for sure. Elder Yeates said he's gained 10 lbs since he's been here and I believe it. There is no way that the food we eat is nutritionally valuable. But it's cool b/c once I get to Ecuador I'll probably lose it all and then some. The medical training I got basically said that it's up to my mission president whether I'll be used as a nurse or not. But if I am, I'm not actually allowed to practice fully b/c my license isn't good outside of the United States. But I can take care of things like dog bites and little things like that. I'm also in charge of finding good doctors for the missionaries to go to and stuff. I want to write more but its time to go to the temple. I love you all so much and keep being good and reading your scriptures and writing to me. And if you want a letter from me, send me your address!!!

Hermana Chamberlain

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